Opps! You accidentally swallowed a large bite, what could happen?

The first days after surgery you need to learn how to feed yourself with newly reshaped stomach. Sometimes you can easily swallow a large bite in a solid state by an accident without chewing it enough.

In such cases, you will feel a blunt pain right under your chestbone as if you were punched. Don't panic. What you need to do to diminish this irritating feeling is quite simple.


Do not lay down.
Stay upright in a sitting position.
Wait, wait, wait.
Do not swallow another bite intentionally
To push down the first one.
Do not drink water on top,
The pain you feel will become worse,
Under the influence of gravity, the bite has entered into narrow channel.
Wait till it pass through your stomach.

Do not be afraid. It is 'just one' big bite swallowed accidentally that could not seriously harm your stomach surgery track.

Ingestion will get back to normal several weeks after the surgery. The patients in a short time will be able to eat slowly mashed food which is easy to be swallowed .