In order to be able to say yes to this question, you must have gone through a thorough preparation period, both mentally and physically. Your are getting ready actually for an important surgery and at the same time for a great lifestyle change.

First of all, you should review the current effects of obesity on your life and health. What would be changed in your life if you stayed obese and what if you didn't? Thinking and weighing the alternatives can determine your treatment decisions and motivation.

27In addition, you should be clearly informed and aware about the obvious problems that obesity may cause in your future life. The aim is that your consious is convinced in the truth that obesity is a serious illness and that it must be treated on time.

You should have tried non-surgical obesity treatment methods before with no success. The miracle diets and herbal mixtures, advertised in a separate publication every week don't count, what counts as a real try here are the diet and exercise arrangements under the supervision of a physician and nutritionist.

When deciding on surgery, you should learn about the types of surgery, the expected efficacy, side effects and complications, and choose the most appropriate alternative for you with your trusted physicians.

As a patient of an obesity treatment, you will need to complete a long list of examinations, guided by the patient counselor. Blood count, liver-kidney function tests, blood fat, blood sugar, insulin, cortisol, thyroid hormone levels will be checked. You will be also tested the possibility of certain obesity-related diseases.

In addition, pulmonary function tests, ECG, abdominal ultrasound and stomach endoscopy procedures will be applied.

In the meantime, endocrinology, nutrition, psychology, gastroenterology, radiology, if necessary, cardiology, chest diseases and psychiatry consultations will be carried out by a group of experts. Finally, the anesthesiologist will evaluate the results and give the opinion on you regarding the suitability for surgery and the precautions to be undertaken.

Your body mass index must be documented in order you can benefit from public or private health insurance contributions. To do so, you will need to issue a medical institutional report of that kind with the approval of the endocrinologist.

If you smoke, you must stop. Smoking should be stopped weeks prior to surgery in order to minimize the risk of clot formation in the leg veins after the operation.


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First of all, we give an estimation to obesity as to a disease carrying plenty of negative side effects in many ways with itself. We execute a detailed and specific analyses on the way towards the operation decision and the preoperative preparations.
Initially, we make an overall investigation of our patients` general hormonal and metabolic status. We perform diagnostic tests for identification of hormonal deceases that could initiate obesity, and in case of such a diagnose matter, we out commence a medication treatment. The suitable patients only are recommended to surgical treatment. Spec. Dr. Esin ŞANLI SAYIN
All the patients are being put under Body Mass Analyses. After collecting information about their nutritive habits, we determine the weight-loss goals. If a surgery is appointed, we inform the patients about the postoperative nutritive style and order. DYT. Aysun YURDAKUL
We select the patients suitable for a surgery according to their obesity phase and medical standards provided. The patients who are disabled to undergo a surgery, are being redirected to some of the other treatment options. The selected patients are getting informed in details about the operational process. Ass.Prof. Dr. Mehmet GÜLLER
We observe the spiritual and behavioral reasons of the patients. If some of them are required a psychological treatment, we direct them firstly to PSYCIATRI Specialist. In such cases, we investigate the patient’s suitability for an operation from a psychological point of view. Psk. Burcu Tatoğlu.
We provide endoscopic screenings of the esophagus, stomach and duodenal. If needed we perform a tissue biopsy and its pathology. If there are issues effecting the surgery, those are being reported to the patient accordingly. Ass.Prof. Dr. Selman Çelebi
We perform all abdomen and digestive tract ultrasound screening, due to which we could found out any unordinary inner condition that could reflect the surgery and thus a report is created accordingly.
Spec. Dr. Mahmut Remzi Savaş
The patients are being evaluated in terms of anesthesia compatibility. The possible risks that may develop during the surgery are identified and precaution measurements are being undertaken respectively. If needed, we also provide consultations with the KARDYOLOGY and CHEST DECEASES DEPAT.Specialists related to the heart and lungs funtions. Spec.Dr. Fatma Purnek Akin

At this point, we take a glance to all the conditions over again. We provide information for pre and postoperative process in details again. We have the patients signed the Information Consent Form. In state of having all the appropriate conditions fulfilled, we step on having the final decision for a surgery. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Güller